MOMENTS WITH: FIGR x Minimum Wines

We were asked a series of intimate questions for Minimum Wines' series: 'MOMENTS WITH'.  

Minimum Wines produce mindful wines, made for humans in Yorta Yorta Nation. With respect for the land they come from, and the people who drink them. And you can trust us when we say it's bloody good wine!

If you'd like to know which varietal of wine we see ourselves as, and how we got into the lube biz, keep reading...

If you were a glass of wine, what variety would you be?
A pet nat - fresh and fruity with a light spark.

When did you realise this was where you are meant it be, how did your passion flourish into what it is now?
When we started flirting with the idea of a business in the sexual wellness space, it was still very new & once we started to get the wheels on motion everything started to fall into place. We’ve put all of our time & savings into FIGR - which has been a rewarding outcome. 

How do you create/set up your environment/space?
We work out of Eloise’s house mostly – all the packing is done throughout the house. The space must be clean and intentional as we both get distracted quite easily. 

Music moods - how does music affect your creative process, what's your go to playlist?
Eloise M: I can be in different moods, sometimes I prefer to work in complete silence with no distractions, other times I like to be in a busy environment like a cafe. Deep house if I’m playing music!

Eloise O: I usually blast a true crime podcast when I have to get through work. I tend to zone out when someone is talking so it helps when I’m doing mundane tasks like packing or accounting stuff - if I have to write something it has to be strictly instrumental/classical music or otherwise I end up writing the lyrics. 

How do you wind down or unwind??
Eloise O: The only way I wind down is when I have shut my phone off, watching something & in my own bubble. I am an introverted extrovert, so the only way I can recharge my batteries is by being 100% by myself. 

Eloise M: With a wine. I also like getting out of the concrete jungle and into nature.

Minimum, what does this word mean for you?
Eloise O: Minimum means having an open schedule in time & my mind. I get quite overwhelmed when I have back to back plans. So I love to be very spontaneous when it comes to organizing things (which I know is annoying to some). 

Eloise M: Minimum to me is to have breathing space–space in your mind for creativity and inspiration.

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