About Us

First off, let us introduce ourselves! 

We’re the Eloise’s and the co-founders of FIGR. We met in 2016 at a corporate job and immediately formed a connection. Was it the fact that we shared a name or was it because we had compatible personalities and future visions. We’ll never know.
We recognised that there was a veil of shame tainting the real purpose of lubricant: to make moments of intimacy more pleasurable. We decided to say fuck it to the way things are and launched FIGR.
No more glow in the dark lube in the bottom of your sock drawer collecting dust (and giving you yeast infections). We’re determined to stamp out the stigma associated with the purchasing of lube and the misconceptions around the slippery stuff. There’s still such shame attached to using lube because people associate it with getting old and dry down there. That’s not the case; everyone should be using lube.
Whether your libido is out of whack from medication, you’re a mother to be, cautious on what you use on your body or just want a good looking lube.

Then FIGR is for you.


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